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11 Best FREE Keyword Research Tool for 2020

11 Best FREE Keyword Research Tool for 2020
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To attract the right audience to your website or blog, you need a solid keyword research strategy. This will not only help you find more content ideas but also understand what users are searching for. There are hundreds of paid & Free keyword research tools on the web, but here are the 11 best free keyword research tools that I found for 2020.  


Ubersuggest is my personal favourite tool on this list because of its user interface and the amount of data it gives you. You can get data like search volume, difficulty, content ideas, and much more. This tool was free, but now you can get additional info for 10$ a month. 

Here is how to use Ubersuggest

1. Input your seed keyword and select search

2. This will then bring you to an overview page where you can see a fundamental analysis of the Keyword. 

3. But you can dive deeper by looking at the related keywords and content ideas.

Keyword Surfer 

Keyword Surfer is a great keyword research chrome extension tool that helps you identify search volume. There are multiple countries you can choose from, and every country’s search volume is compared to the worldwide volume as well, so don’t worry if your country isn’t on their list. This tool will also give you details of the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) and extra related keywords. This tool is also 100% free, with no limitations.  

Here is how to use Keyword Surfer

1. Download the chrome extension

2. Set your preferred location

3. Now every time you search on Google, you will have access to search volume, SERP analysis and related keywords. 

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a great tool you can use to find relevant questions from your seed keyword. The simple user interface and ease of use of this keyword research tool make it ideal for beginners. You can search for up to 3 keywords per day for free. 

Here is how to use Answer the Public

1. Start by entering a seed keyword in the search form and press “Get Questions.” 

2. Answer the Public will then analyze various search engines and give you the top related questions to your keyword. 

3. You can now export all of the keywords and analyze them in google sheets or excel documents. 


Google is one of the best places to find relevant keywords because Google is also the largest search engine on the web. The primary purpose of Google search is to find answers to your questions, but you can use their recommended searches to your advantage. On top of that, it’s completely free!    

Here is how to use Google for keyword research

1. Type in a seed keyword in the search bar

2. You will instantly get relevant search queries that you can use for your content.

3. At the bottom of the search results page, Google will also give you more keyword ideas.

Google Trends

Trying to figure out if you have the right keywords is difficult. Thankfully, with the help of Google Trends, it’s easy to understand what is trending and what is not. This tool can help you find new keywords, but it is mostly used to get useful information on keywords you have already seen. Google Trends is also 100% Free. 

Here is how to use Google Trends

1. Insert a keyword in the search bar and select the search icon

2. Select a location and time frame to get an accurate representation of the keyword data. As you can see, the search term “Vegan” is trending upwards, which means people are actively searching for this topic. 

3. If you scroll down, you can also view the top countries that search for that term, related keywords and related topics. 

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword sheeter is an excellent way of getting bulk keyword ideas which you can export in a CSV file. It’s a simple tool that pulls data straight from autocomplete suggestions on Google. With the free tool, you can only get the keywords, but you can pay extra to receive more data like difficulty and volume. 

Here is how to use Keyword Sheeter

1. Start by entering a seed keyword in the search form and press “Sheet Keywords”.

2. Keyword Sheeter will then analyze and gather the top suggestions from your seed keyword. You can also add negative and positive keywords to refine your search, which is a great feature. 

3. Once you finish analyzing keywords, you can export the results or pay a fee to receive extra data.


Google can provide a wide range of fantastic keyword ideas to use for your content marketing. But there are other amazing search engines you can us find keywords. Reddit is a place for people to interact and ask questions in a subreddit of a particular niche. If your niche has a large Reddit community, you can get relevant queries to help you find the perfect keywords.

Here is how to use Keyworddit

1. Start by typing in your niche and choose the best subreddit for your niche.

2. This will create a list of the most popular topics on your niche subreddit. You can view the content results by selecting context or download the entire list in a CSV file. 

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a comprehensive tool that allows you to find the best keywords for blog and website content. You can really dive in and go deep with the different customizations like location, time and negative keywords, but that deserves a full blog post on its own. Google Keyword Planner is entirely free, and you only need a Gmail account to access the tool. 

Here is how to use Google Keyword Planner

1. Enter a seed keyword in the search bar, and select get results.

2. You will then receive loads of different keywords with data like search volume, competition and paid ads bidding ranges. You can download and export these keywords to use in a CSV file. 


Questiondb is a tool that finds related questions to your seed keyword. It is similar to Awnser the Public, but with my experience, Awnser the Public is superior and offers more results. For free, you will only gain 40 keywords, but you can pay to get even more results.

Here is how to use Questiondb 

1. Enter a seed keyword in the search bar and select generate

2. You will now get 40 different keyword results that you can download in a CSV file or pay extra to receive all the keywords.

Keyword Tool.io

Keyword tool.io is a great tool to get keywords from a wide range of search engines. You can see results for Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Playstore, Instagram and Twitter. This can be very useful if you’re doing content marketing for other platforms like youtube and to see what people are interested in buying. This tool will only give you the keywords and won’t provide additional information like search volume, but you can pay an extra for this.

Here is how to use Keyword tool.io

1. Enter a seed keyword in the search bar and select the right search engine

2. You can now download a CSV file of all the keywords by selecting the copy/export all button at the bottom right. 

Keyword In

Keyword In is a different keyword research tool that will help you generate multiple combinations of the same query to find the best one to target. You can then use that data in another free tool that has search volume and find the optimal keyword to use. This tool is also completely free. 

How to use Keyword In

1. Input all of the different combination of keywords into each field

2. Click on generate and you will see a list of all the combinations of keywords. 

3. You can now copy-paste these keywords in another tool like Keywords Everywhere and see which perform the best. 

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