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5 Essential Stages to a Profitable Marketing Funnel

5 Essential Stages to a Profitable Marketing Funnel
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A properly optimized marketing funnel can significantly increase the sales of your online business. Not only that, but it allows you to engage and interact a lot more with potential customers than typical online marketing; building stronger, lasting relationships.

However, if your funnel isn’t properly optimized, you can kiss the orders goodbye. For example, your ad, landing page and lead magnet are all tailored perfectly for your target audience, inviting them to opt-in. But if your copywriting in your emails is terrible, regardless of the number of people you pulled in at the top of the funnel, you still won’t get any sales.   

Therefore, every stage of your marketing funnel must be well optimized for your target audience and work together in harmony. Without this, you are wasting time, money and resources. To help combat this, here are the five essential stages of a profitable marketing funnel and how to optimize each one correctly.

Marketing Funnel Stage: Attract

The attract phase is where you will find the majority of your audience, but they are also the least targeted. They are about to enter your marketing funnel, and it’s your job to lead them properly.

The first step in the attract stage is to understand who your target market is. What do they look like? What are they interested in? What are their struggles? Without fully understanding who you want to attract, you won’t be able to convert them to customers at the end of the funnel. Write down all of your ideas and build a buyer persona to make a fictional representation of who they are.

After you understand who you are trying to sell to, you can start bringing them into your marketing funnel. The simplest and most effective way is by using paid ads on different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn. These platforms are great because you can get hyper-focused on who you want to display your ads too. You can also use influencers in your niche to advertise for you. Using Influencers is an excellent method, as they already have a strong relationship with their audience.

Marketing Funnel Stage: Convert

Once your target audience has clicked on your ad, they will get sent to your landing page or website. Where most marketers go wrong is by trying to sell at this stage of the marketing funnel. But, you haven’t built a relationship with those customers at this point. So how are they supposed to trust you and your products? That’s why you need to focus on delivering a free valuable piece of information, also known as a lead magnet, in return for their contact information 

The more value you give away, the easier it is to gain their trust. To provide the most amount of value, you need to go back and take a look at the buyer’s persona you created in the previous stage. Analyze your target audience’s weaknesses and the most significant challenges and focus on fixing that problem. The quicker you can solve their problem, the better. 

Marketing Funnel Stage: Engage

Congratulations, you are finally starting to receive hyper-targeted leads that you can focus on engaging and building a relationship. The first step is delivering your lead magnet, which they opted in for in the last section of the marketing funnel. You can do this in a variety of ways, but my favorite and the most effective is through email. By getting them to open your email in the beginning, you increase the chances of them opening the rest of the email sequence. 

After sending them your lead magnet, you will have a sequence of emails that will automatically send depending on the actions they take with your previous emails. Start by asking them for feedback about the lead magnet and if it solved their problem. It’s also important to be personal in each email. Remember, your goal in this stage is to build a relationship, and sounding like a robot will not get you far. 

Marketing Funnel Stage: Sell

Finally, we are at the fun part, selling! Proper copywriting is the key to success in this section. While engaging with your leads, you can plant seeds of your products or services in your emails. Instead of just talking about all the fantastic features of your product or service, list the actual benefits your customers will get once they buy it. People buy on emotion, so give them a glimpse of how they will feel after they have purchased your offer. 

Copywriting is the science of making people do what you want with words. But this isn’t only to be used when trying to sell; it can also be implemented in every aspect of your funnel. From your ads, landing page and email marketing, effective copywriting will dramatically increase your conversions and sales. So if you can take away anything from this post, it’s to become a better copywriter. 

Marketing Funnel Stage: Connect

You finally sold to a customer, so the job is all done now, right? It’s just the beginning. After you sell a product or service to a customer, it’s a lot easier to resell to that same client again. They have already gained your trust, and if your product exceeded their expectations, you have a much higher chance they will buy again. Continuous engagement is critical in this section. You can start by asking for feedback and use their comments to improve your product or service.  

The better you connect with them, the higher the chances they will talk to other people about your company and products. Word of mouth marketing is by far the most effective marketing out there. Recommendations from someone you already know and trust will dramatically increase the odds of receiving a new customer for your company. You can even implement a referral program so customers who bring in new leads will receive a reward as well. 


Marketing funnels are, by far, the most effective method of online marketing. It allows you to connect and earn trust before your potential customers buy your product. But every stage of the marketing funnel must be optimized appropriately to ensure it’s effectiveness, or else you’ll just be wasting your valuable time and money. 

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